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  • Chad Christopher Rediker


Between 2018 and late 2019, local cannabis advocates lead by Tom Rector, Jr. held a campaign of advocates speaking to the Louisville Metro Council, many times three a meeting, about the importance of cannabis reform in Louisville and Kentucky. The strategy was to focus on local city ordinances with changes that reflected the will of the people instead of wasting our time against the wall of ignorance in the State Legislature and then at the time, the Governor. And the strategy was working. Advocates like Kim Neathery and Dan Seum Jr. (who is now a council member) gave speech after speech until Louisville passed the cannabis low priority ordinance and other measures toward reform, the yearly Cannabis rally in Frankfort was successful in creating a positive momentum for cannabis reform in 2019. Then COVID. All forward movement stopped and cannabis reform in Kentucky, for the time, was dead.

Now, cannabis reform in Kentucky is moving forward again. And even with the crappy and diluted medical cannabis law coming in 2025, I am hopeful that one day Kentucky can be more like Michigan and Colorado when it comes to cannabis legalization and reform. These early Metro Council Speeches helped create a new foundation for the Kentucky Cannabis Movement and I am proud to have played a part and am happy to see the next wave of advocates stepping in to move cannabis reform forward in Kentucky. Below is Dan Seum Jr. speaking in March of 2019. Go to the Metro Speeches Tab for more.



TANSTAAFL Solutions Mission:Welcome, to TANSTAAFL Solutions. It is our mission to stand against the celebrity corporate cultured mentality and bring back thee virtues of Responsibility, Hard Work and Understanding. T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) means we get what we pay for. Robert A. Heinlein, in his novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress wrote,“That anything free costs twice as much in the long run or turns out worthless.” How many worthless things are around today? Ignorance, unjust laws, racism, the GOP. All these things work to degrade a Human soul. Many Earthlings have no clue but because of their numbers, they decide how we should live. TANSTAAFL Solutions will work to voice opposition to what is wrong today. It is time to take responsibility and work for direct action to change. We hope to encourage, entertain and inspire others to join us and amputate the rancid 20th century mentality which has corrupted our time. We believe in a global world culture of Planet Terra and everyone has the right to freedom, equality and to live responsibly in peace. We also understand that any of these goals cannot be achieved without dedication, an effective strategy and the will to work and stand for what is right.

Commander C Red


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