this is a showcase of music by Bobby Fleet. Our founder, CCR, was frontman for a Improv Poetic Rock band during the mid-1990's. Below are live recordings of shows and songs by Bobby Fleet before the band disappeared.

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May 27, 2017

Channel 3  circa 1996. Bobby Fleet

I get tired of T.V.

It attacks, slaps, and decreases my speed

of inner motion.

It’s the idle of dysfunction

Say again on Channel Three. What it said to me on Channel Three was that once the kid shot the gun, he knew that he was saved. By t...

May 26, 2017

Bobby Fleet was a Improve Poetic Rock band from Bowling Green, KY. They disappeared in 1997 and ever since amplified transmissions can be detected from the Sirius Dog Star.

What’s in a mind? also known as What's in a Spaceship circa 1996. 

I love

In the way I looked

Into t...

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