Bobby Fleet Transmission

Bobby Fleet was a Improve Poetic Rock band from Bowling Green, KY. They disappeared in 1997 and ever since amplified transmissions can be detected from the Sirius Dog Star.

What’s in a mind? also known as What's in a Spaceship circa 1996.

I love

In the way I looked

Into those glassy spheres

That you call eyes.

Outside-come in through

My headlong mirror

Made out of unholy tree.

She comes with others

But never with me

And in days past the peak

Of a moral expression

Something comes weak

Which is truly quite handsome.

Still, the rat has a vision

Which converts all the truth.

So beneath underground,

On with tunnels of streams,

And on with the witness

Forget what she’s seen.

Hole in wisdom

Band-Aid for crimes

Save me that coupon for a free suicide.


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