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Below are videos of local cannabis advocates addressing the Louisville Metro Council. It takes guts to face the government and it takes guts to advocate for something. Anything. TANSTAAFL Solutions gives out respect to all the cannabis advocates of Kentucky. 

If you want to speak for cannabis reform get in touch with Tom Rector Jr, or Commander Cannabis on Facebook and through our email and we will help get you going.

Public Safety Committee Hearing on Cannabis

Public Safety Committee Hearing on Cannabis

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Kentucky Cannabis Advocates speaking to Louisville Metro Council

Tom Rector Jr. SPEECH 5

Dan Seum Jr. 9/12/19

Dan Seum Jr. 3/7/19

Kim Neathery 3/7/19

Nancy Roberts

Chris Forsythe - Feb.2019

Chad Rediker

Chad Rediker - SPEECH 3

Tom Rector Jr. SPEECH 4

Dan Seum Jr.

Matthew Brancher

Chad Rediker - SPEECH 2

Tom Rector Jr. SPEECH 3

Shanna McGregor 9-23

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