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Welcome to the Commander Cannabis Communique webpage. This site is meant to humor and educate the public about all things cannabis.

Commander Cannabis Canna-Dispenser Gallery

I'm a paragraph. I'm here to describe a wonderful gadget called a Canna Dispenser. The dispenser is a 3D printed cone which attaches to a standard 13 DRAM size medical bottle for the purpose of easily pouring cannabis into a variety of situations like bowls or vaporizers. It is designed on Planet Terra and is a great addition to your cannabis ritual experience. 

2021 Canna-Dispenser Video 3

2021 Canna-Dispenser Video 3

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During the 1930's the word marijuana was forced into our lexicon by anti-cannabis advocates within the government. This word was used for it's anti-immigration connotations of the time to frighten the general public with fear and mis-information. Yet today we have incorporated it into our culture without many knowing it's true evil origin. We must work to enlighten others to never use the word marijuana when refering to cannabis and it's by-products. We should also work to get lawmakers to ammend the word out of current legislation and replace it for what it is...CANNABIS. Join us in a campaign to persuade others of our goal.
Leave an email and so when we need signatures for petitions or to send out an email campaign we can be ready. Thanks.


NORML's mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable. is the best website to learn about the many issues related to cannabis. Please visit them and help by joining or making a donation. 
medical research site 1_CMCR.JPG
Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research

One of the best sites to explore the research being done with cannabis

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Best Cannabis Studies of 2018 Part 3

One of the best sites to explore the research being done with cannabis

Best Cannabis Studies of 2018 Part 2

Leafly offers a look at some of the best research into cannabis during 2018

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