this is a showcase of writings by our founder, CCR.      The TERRAN insurance policy takes us on the most insane journey for a human coming to terms with his new-found purpose. Throwing Biscuits at Beggars is a collection of pro-terran poetry. Some people dig it and others do not. 


May 27, 2017

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TAC is watching you.
Keep up the good work.

    Charley is walking to a show. Charley doesn’t know why. Charley can’t do anything. Charley isn’t charley. Charley hasn’t been Charley for many months but Charley doesn’t know this. Charley’s therapist thinks he...

May 27, 2017

TTIP: 9.5

Christian knew he just heard the sound of the downstairs door opening and he also knew he was expecting no one. The numerous footsteps coming up the stairs and the sudden little red flashing intruder light gave him one conclusion—scout detail!

    He grabbed th...

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April 4, 2019

Blah blah blah

I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot but I have to say, in some cryptic way, what is on my mind. I had to add an antidepressant to my medicinal intake because I was feeling drained and low. I could feel it kick in after taking it the night before and I am happy with the initial contact. I can feel the sticky stupidity of Trump evaporating from my skin where it has collected like a layer of pollution. In the mean time the greatest threat to my happiness is the mental state of our president. Better people than myself have voiced concern about the path we are being led so I know it’s not just me that feels this way because I take my meds but he still stays the same. Our President lies and only cares to entertain. What happens when we get to the third or final act? I’m afraid...

February 6, 2019

One day a plant uprooted and ran.

She wanted to help Earthlings understand.

Across the land she met all kinds.

Many people knew her and had nice things to say.

But others saw her in another way.

You’re a drug, you’re a drug!

Judgmental hypocritical people would say,

as they drank bourbon and played gambling games.

NO, I’m a plant,” she said, “and I’ve been around before time!

And it’s time you got past these decades of lies.”

Yes, I make people feel good, but I do it the very best way.

This needs to be understood, today!”

Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin and Meth,” she shouted to them as they sat on a bench.

Those guys there are not my friends, but I have to hang with them as a means to an end.

She stood up proudly and said, “A person has never died from smoking too much of me.

In Fact, I’m a medicine...

August 2, 2017

Gauges began tired.

He and his headlights

Alone, like

How screwed he saw was

Of the road.

Kind of person

One around happy.

He just wanted the constant repetition

But the cool breeze gushing

Tried to eject his tape

For the damn radio would play instead

Window in an effect to refresh the rain clouds which

Under for the past five hours, he felt little tingles that

Reminded him of…

Contact !

Sharply slammed

Skidding franticly to

With from heard a heavy

Stop. The silence

hopes as he moves

Mourning over to beside the dying.

The coyote was a blood from the glow.

Happening up and moved to the back

Steel Crowbar

And he exhaled


Again and again

on the ending

the created.

August 1, 2017

ORDER comes out of nothing

With a little thought and wind vibration

A system of fastened communication

Turned tight and hard by

Steel imagination

Rhythm, rhyme...

Language of all minds

Grasp for a reason

Without going blind of the true order,

Without losing sight of the way we go

Through this Disorderly World

In an Orderly Fashion.


July 24, 2017

We are programmed.

Programmed we…

Are we?

Digital projection has no religion

It has a standard and that standard we believe in.

0100 10 10100 10 1000 1010 10 1000 10 10 10 101001

11010101 101001110101 1010101001010101000

10101 1010101001010101000

July 20, 2017

First Child

Set Forth


One Sided

Third World.

Perfect Ten

Seventh Sign

Eight Past

Nine Lives

Sixth Sense

Gimmie Five.

223 Times

More Expensive.

June 24, 2017

Lots of things can be said about isolation, solitude, aloneness, or whatever "being by your self" means. Where everything that occurs becomes private to one's self. But still I feel all private experiences are some how shared between the physical realities of the body and the essence of the inner self (or soul), because these are two different states of we. By now I’ve learned to live with my self’s realities: all non-conscious and unseen actions, which fill my time when I’m alone.

     I always catch my self either looking at my reflection (sometimes in a most creative way) or trying to find some form of quiet sedation, either one is a habitual ritual and each always reminds me of who I am: a blue-eyed, skinny white boy with too many addictions. Well, that’s just a big generalization but r...

June 11, 2017

Order comes out of nothing

With a little thought and wind vibration

A system of fastened communication

Turned tight and hard by

Steel imagination

Rhythm, rhyme...

Language of all minds

Grasp for a reason

Without going blind of the true order,

Without losing sight of the way we go

Through this Disorderly World

In an Orderly Fashion.


June 11, 2017

Jell-O has the same frequency as the human brain.

Step into the next frontier

It’s like eating brain with unreliable memories.

The end of January makes my neck itch.

My time is filled with pornography, drugs, and TV.

I think before I write then I don’t want to write

I learn how people go astray,

It’s a sad thing brought on by my lack of faith in other things or other people.

I don’t want to look away but I can’t stand my self for trying to save a thing.

 I wake every morning in the real life.

I love my wife

And I want her to be safe in America.


May 28, 2017

Welcome to the Command Red Poetry Post.

The Thought of Revolution

Can go no further than the head it is born in.

Then shall I share its seed with you?

And come in through your eyes and ears,

Or would they call it rape and sentence me

to a painful period.

See past the TV—before it was real

Ignorance is sold in many new forms

Racism is now new and improved.

The media spread all the Truths, so many times

They’re wrong.

See past the leaders before the future is real.

Democracy and people’s choice are the new minority

The people with the money rule

And a drug is a man’s best friend.

Oh what a happy place to live when peace and understanding

Is nothing more than knowing what the TV wants to show.

Come past the time

When they decide, because of large numbers,

The best way to live…whatever

Let it go and excuse this sm...

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