• Chad C Rediker

Cannabis Smokers Need To Show Support On 23rd

There are a fair number of cannabis advocates in Kentucky who dedicate their time and energy on cannabis reform which would benefit everybody who smokes. The efforts of these advocates have given the people of Kentucky the right to use CBD and hemp related products and while over 30 states allow medical cannabis use in some form Kentucky is still not one of them. There are two main reasons for this: Dysfunctional state leaders in both parties and weak support from the people. I won't talk about the lawmakers for this piece because the people are the key to any change. Advocates need the people to show up for a small number of events, like Rally's, Metro Council Meetings and email campaigns. One of those events is happening at 6PM Thursday May 23rd at the Louisville Metro Council. A ordinance making cannabis a low enforcement priority will be voted on. It means if you are caught with less than an ounce of cannabis you will not be arrested. Think of that people. A small group of advocates have gotten us close to making life better for all smokers but they need you to show up NOW. It makes a difference when a large number of supports are in the council chambers and it doesn't take much time because speeches from the public take place first and you can leave right after. There is not much else I can say and I will end with a final please. Please show up at the Louisville Metro Council tomorrow and support our speakers. The advocates are handing this to you and it is now up to you. Hope to see you there.


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