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I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot but I have to say, in some cryptic way, what is on my mind. I had to add an antidepressant to my medicinal intake because I was feeling drained and low. I could feel it kick in after taking it the night before and I am happy with the initial contact. I can feel the sticky stupidity of Trump evaporating from my skin where it has collected like a layer of pollution. In the mean time the greatest threat to my happiness is the mental state of our president. Better people than myself have voiced concern about the path we are being led so I know it’s not just me that feels this way because I take my meds but he still stays the same. Our President lies and only cares to entertain. What happens when we get to the third or final act? I’m afraid his people will react in a stupid way and act based on false flag facts. It could happen. Anyway, on the state level, our corrupt Kentucky legislature failed to pass any cannabis reform in the last session. I live in a poorly run state and I find it hard to sit in committee hearings and listen to how stupid our lawmakers are about cannabis. We are in the losing half of illegal states and after two years of watching cannabis advocate organizations I understand even more. Partisan politics is a cancer on our democracy and corrupt lobbying groups control policy. This is going to go on and on in Kentucky and I don’t see them moving forward until the federal government makes a big move on cannabis reform. It would be nice if Congress can do something and I am hopeful it will play out for the better. See. Did you see that? I was hopeful and I meant it. This new med is working.

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