New Conehead Attachment Grinds Up the Competition

As our Cannabis Dispensing Conehead continues to evolve, we'd like to thank all the testers in Trumpland who took the time to help make our product better. Because of this input we have designed the Conehead with a companion mini grinder which can be used to fill up your medical bottle before attaching the Conehead for hours of pouring fun.

As we are using 3D printers for manufacturing at the moment there may still be quarks in the product but these do not affect the function. With this kit you can securely carry your cannabis to a friends house, then use the Conehead to pour bong hits until it's empty then attach the grinder and fill your bottle up with some of your buddy's bud. The Conehead makes your smoking ritual easier and better organized while letting you keep an eye on your cannabis level in the medicine bottle.

For older smokers or MMJ patients with conditions that make the little things hard the Conehead can offer a level of independence when enjoying cannabis. It is also designed to load a vaporizer with no mess. Tap tap tap or pour it in to begin your smoking experience. Brought to you by TANSTAAFL Solutions.

Commander Red


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