Trump Fly

I think I have been smoking too much because of the current political situation in my country. I just feel more antsy all the time. Not angry or in a bad mood but annoyed like when a fly won’t stop flying in your face while you’re driving with the window down. It’s frustrating. Why the stupid fly doesn’t get the freedom which outside the window affords is beyond me. It has all those eyes; can’t it see it? The fly must and is doing this on purpose because in a past life it was a major Human a$$hole and got demoted in death to be reincarnated as a bug and start over. But the will to be an a$$hole persisted with this one like a defining character. I know the damn fly will be gone soon and die again and again and again and because of that I will not let it get me worked up. Some a$$hole$ are a$$hole$ no matter what form they take.

Commander C Red


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