Trump Island

Why is the US Military not invading Puerto Rico with humanitarian aid?

Since Trump speaks so highly of the military why doesn't he use his power and put the military in charge of helping on a MASSIVE scale in Puerto Rico. I don’t see why this can't happen because the lack and slow speed of our response makes us look like amateurs. This seems like a coming attraction of America under Trump. This little island with so many of our citizens suffering has had to deal with nothing but tweets from our leader and he even went so far as to bring up their debt which HE helped create. When you hear on TV about supply trucks with no drivers I think “where are the soldiers?” The military could encircle the island establish beach heads and move in. It makes me sad that my government has become so ineffective in so many ways. Luckily individuals of the US who care are stepping up to help and fight against the joke of an administration but in the case of Puerto Rico, they are at the mercy of the administration because of their location and status. Maybe if they find a way to make a TV Show about it, he may pay attention. They can call it – Escape from Trump Island.


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