Happy 23rd Day of the Month. Time for your monthly dose of TANSTAAFL.

It's time for your monthly dose of TANSTAAFL. Over the past month we have evolved our website into a format which is easy to enjoy with content designed to go further and shine lights on variables of issues the main media does not. We have posted articles to inform you about on-going cannabis legislation and how the cannabis revolution is evolving inside state capitals across this great nation. With our sub-focus on warfare between earthlings we have tried to give a clearer focus on the battle against ISIS and have followed the Battle for Mosul with our posts and an incredible embedded interactive map of the ISIS/Syrian Conflict brought to you by LiveuaMap. We have also updated our website with a new Video Hanger for videos ranging from NOW THIS political videos to war footage from Syria, to funny videos to lighten your day. As always our purpose is to inspire others by highlighting the actions of others who are struggling to make our world a better place. With this in mind TANSTAAFL Solutions has begun creating small campaigns which we hope will lead to change as well. This is our first step in organizing people to collectively make a difference in important and silly aspects of our daily lives. For Now I want to end by saying thank you to everyone who took the time to look over our website and I promise to keep working to make it better. Maybe becoming a valid website for group discussions as well as a place for me to start writing articles and editorials with my own personal flair which will be both unique and informative. Until then please visit our site at https://tanstaafl.solutions. TANSTAAFL everyone and Have a great month of July.

Commander Red


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