To Peacefully Co-Exist Respect Unpredictable Behavior.

Getting ready for an appearance with a toothache and insecurity calls.

Uncomfortable! Take me home -

I don’t like this situation.

A Daytime Nightmare had about an hour riding bikes,

Lagging behind way too fast two big eyes scream out of the water.

In my mind it couldn’t happen just like that.

It’s just like a Vice. Bone in the mouth of a dog.

A moment of eternity… a mother’s hand

Slaps bad, bad, Bad!

It’s almost prehistoric. No Matter

How tame you can make a right turn around and see following,

Following as loud as a crazy animal staring down a Fetal Highway.

Have to stay clear of that mistaken idea

In an inadequate age,

When animals have lost their fear of

Our Human Shit Charade…

Put up your ears, so to say

Being cornered? Let’s take turns

Possibly killing a screen writer

They won’t be angry; they’re in awe of our power,

They’re angry at the system that puts us all at risk.

A risk, a Risk, a RISK that is never revealed in a billion years of

Instinctive behavior can’t hide a cool face

for one month in the summer.

Take special precautions to not get up early.

Taking off her clothes, gouged to the bone.

Not only lucky but technically trained in a gradual system breakdown. Behave.

Time bomb Animal Conspiracy Rage at

Any moment

A number of factors will come to light. Oh the Light…Bruised

Don’t blame the Light. It’s just a light being a Light

Causing trouble

In order

To one day be


Yes, very Impressive…

Now, Pushed too far

Emptiness in eyes

Victims Every Day (in our own way)

Like it has been for centuries when

Animals Attack.


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