Roaches Brigade

Roaches are like spots moving

… .. . .. . … .. . . … .

As a point, I see them out of place.

I focus in on reason and ponder then their fate.

I am God in this domain!

All hear me-

“ I wish they’d go away.”

Send them downstairs maybe

Or is that from where they came?

Stand Back!

Stand clear, fore there I see one

Crawling in through space

And one standing boldly

In my cabinet, on a plate.

Where did I put the Raid?

Now spray, spray, stream.

Spray the shit on hard and mean.

Say “goodbye” to roaches’ dreams.

And still…

Yet dead and calm,

I think of what is wrong.

Underneath the whiff of napalm

And the cry of the Roaches Brigade.


#poetry #june #best #archive

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