The Thought of Revolution

Welcome to the Command Red Poetry Post.

The Thought of Revolution

Can go no further than the head it is born in.

Then shall I share its seed with you?

And come in through your eyes and ears,

Or would they call it rape and sentence me

to a painful period.

See past the TV—before it was real

Ignorance is sold in many new forms

Racism is now new and improved.

The media spread all the Truths, so many times

They’re wrong.

See past the leaders before the future is real.

Democracy and people’s choice are the new minority

The people with the money rule

And a drug is a man’s best friend.

Oh what a happy place to live when peace and understanding

Is nothing more than knowing what the TV wants to show.

Come past the time

When they decide, because of large numbers,

The best way to live…whatever

Let it go and excuse this small intrusion.

I was only planting Thoughts of Revolution.


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