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The Thought of Revolution

Welcome to the Command Red Poetry Post.

The Thought of Revolution

Can go no further than the head it is born in.

Then shall I share its seed with you?

And come in through your eyes and ears,

Or would they call it rape and sentence me

to a painful period.

See past the TV—before it was real

Ignorance is sold in many new forms

Racism is now new and improved.

The media spread all the Truths, so many times

They’re wrong.

See past the leaders before the future is real.

Democracy and people’s choice are the new minority

The people with the money rule

And a drug is a man’s best friend.

Oh what a happy place to live when peace and understanding

Is nothing more than knowing what the TV wants to show.

Come past the time

When they decide, because of large numbers,

The best way to live…whatever

Let it go and excuse this small intrusion.

I was only planting Thoughts of Revolution.


#art #video #poetry #poeticvideo

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During the 1930's the word marijuana was forced into our lexicon by anti-cannabis advocates within the government. This word was used for it's anti-immigration connotations of the time to frighten the general public with fear and mis-information. Yet today we have incorporated it into our culture without many knowing it's true evil origin. We must work to enlighten others to never use the word marijuana when refering to cannabis and it's by-products. We should also work to get lawmakers to ammend the word out of current legislation and replace it for what it is...CANNABIS. Join us in a campaign to persuade others of our goal.
Leave an email and so when we need signatures for petitions or to send out an email campaign we can be ready. Thanks.

TANSTAAFL Solutions Mission:Welcome, to TANSTAAFL Solutions. It is our mission to stand against the celebrity corporate cultured mentality and bring back thee virtues of Responsibility, Hard Work and Understanding. T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch) means we get what we pay for. Robert A. Heinlein, in his novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress wrote,“That anything free costs twice as much in the long run or turns out worthless.” How many worthless things are around today? Ignorance, unjust laws, racism, the GOP. All these things work to degrade a Human soul. Many Earthlings have no clue but because of their numbers, they decide how we should live. TANSTAAFL Solutions will work to voice opposition to what is wrong today. It is time to take responsibility and work for direct action to change. We hope to encourage, entertain and inspire others to join us and amputate the rancid 20th century mentality which has corrupted our time. We believe in a global world culture of Planet Terra and everyone has the right to freedom, equality and to live responsibly in peace. We also understand that any of these goals cannot be achieved without dedication, an effective strategy and the will to work and stand for what is right.

Commander C Red


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